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Unlock your genetic potential for better living

FlexHealth allows you to discover which medications and doses align perfectly with your genetic makeup, ensuring you receive the most personalized healthcare possible.

Uncover your unique advantage. Transform care, nurture customer loyalty, and stand out.

FlexHealth offers a new dimension to patient care. Harness genetic insights to personalize prescriptions, differentiate your services, and elevate your pharmacy in a competitive landscape.

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How FlexHealth can benefit independent pharmacies?

✔ Position your pharmacy as a forward-thinking health partner by anticipating medication issues.

✔ Differentiate your pharmacy and boost revenue with industry leading PGx testing services.

✔ Deepen customer trust and loyalty by offering unmatched expertise in personalized medication.

✔ Elevate your pharmacy’s reputation through a dedication to cutting-edge personalized medicine.

Now is the best time to add PGx testing to your offering


99% of health care providers agree genetics affect medication efficacy.


76% of consumers on 3+ drugs are interested in PGx testing.


275,000 lives lost annually due to unoptimized medication.

We tailor the sales process to fit your pharmacy's preferred approach, from on-the-spot testing to mail-out kits

Collect Sample

Take a sample on the spot or we will send a kit to your patient’s doorstep. Once received, register the kit and collect the sample using swabs provided. 

Mail Sample Back

Your pharmacy or patient then sends the collected sample back to us. We include a pre-paid shipping label and packaging with all orders.

View Report Online

We will analyze the sample and generate reports. Those reports are reviewed by either your pharmacy team or our in-house professionals.

Book 1-on-1 Consultation

To help your patient better understand results and ask any questions, FlexHealth includes a consultation with a PGx Certified Pharmacist with all test kits.

How to Get Started

Learn more with a FREE 15-minute discovery call

Curious if a FlexHealth partnership is right for your pharmacy? Dedicate 15 minutes to uncover how we can help you amplify patient care, enhance your profitability, and position your pharmacy at the pinnacle of healthcare innovation. No obligations, just insights.
What our clients are saying:

Pharmacogenomics testing is the testing of certain genes to detect gene variants that determine how individuals may react to specific medications. With pharmacogenomics testing insight, healthcare providers can optimize medications to reduce the risk associated with Adverse Drug Events (ADEs).

Yes, you need a healthcare provider who is licensed and able to write a prescription (e.g. MD, DO, NP, PA) to complete the test order. We would be happy to direct you to a healthcare provider should you require one.

Yearly there are 2.2 million serious adverse drug reactions, according to a report published by the Journal of the American Medical Association report. These ADEs lead to approximately 1.3 million emergency room (ER) visits per year, and $3.5 billion excess spend of medical costs.

Clinically actionable genotypes among 10,000 patients with preemptive pharmacogenomic testing – PubMed (

FlexHealth currently offers pharmacogenomics (PG) testing that identifies gene variants that influence drug metabolism and efficacy. Over 200 drugs now include pharmacogenomics information and the breadth of coverage continues to grow.

Examples of genes targeted by the FlexHealth pharmacogenomics (PG) Panel include:
• CYP2D6 is the best-studied drug-metabolizing enzyme and affects 25% of all prescription drugs.
• CYP2C9 acts on 15% of drugs in clinical us
• CYP2C19 acts on 15% of drugs in clinical use

You and your healthcare provider will receive a comprehensive personalized genetic profile report that provides information on potential drug-gene interactions.

Pharmaceutical companies routinely use pharmacogenomic (PGx) tests in clinical trials to identify and exclude people for whom the drug will be dangerous or ineffective or to better understand the efficacy of their clinical drug candidates. Medical centers around the world are using PGx tests on patients to avoid serious drug side effects and achieve more efficacious prescribing. PGx testing is a crucial part of precision medicine, and with our patient/provider-friendly report, you can have a more informed discussion about your medication program.

Commercial insurance coverage is very limited but varies by plan and provider. They may cover PGx testing in some diagnostic situations including adverse drug reactions or lack of response to medication, pain management, cancer management, and management of many co-morbid conditions.

GINA is a U.S. federal law that protects against genetic discrimination in the workplace and through one’s health insurance. It also safeguards individual and family privacy of genetic information. With new advances in science, technology, and data management, GINA plays a vital role in establishing a baseline of protection for all Americans against discrimination. See links below for additional details.

FlexHealth is committed to protecting your information. Our Privacy Notice described how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. Read the HIPAA Notification

Are you a health plan, provider, or health company?​

FlexHealth allows you to learn which medications and doses work best for your genetic makeup so your doctor can optimize your healthcare.